Clinical Videos


Retina Videos

Dr. Tarek Alasil describes his experience using the pattern-scanning mode in LIGHTMED's TruScan Pro.


Dr. Tarek Alasil describes his experience using both the 532nm green and 577nm yellow laser wavelengths using LIGHTMED's TruScan Pro. He highlights the advantages of using the yellow versus the green wavelength.


Understand the importance of early diagnosis and laser treatment for babies with Retinopathy of Prematurity.

Check out why University of Louisville, Kentucky loves the TruScan laser system.

LIGHTLas 810 Lasers are being used throughout Mexico for their National ROP Program. Here’s why.

Vitreolysis Videos
See how this practice easily upgraded its LIGHTLas YAG/SLT Deux system to include Vitreolysis and the positive results they’ve seen since the implementation.

SLT Videos
Dr. Amir Marvasti describes why he chooses LIGHTMED SLT Deux-V over eye drops for his glaucoma patients. 

Dental Videos
See the various clinical applications for SAPPHIRE Er: YAG Laser.

Caries Removal

Gingivitis Treatment

Periodontal Debridement

Veneer Removal and Periodontal Treatment

Assisted Implant Surgery


Zirconia Crown Removal