rechichi.jpegMiguel Rechichi, MD, PhD | Centro Polispecialistico, Mediterraneo, Italy
“The LIGHTMED YAG/SLT platform offers convenience, ease of use, and accuracy. The laser is well designed with attention to the ergonomic details. All treatments can be performed in any slit lamp position with a clean aiming beam and clear visualization. I have used several SLT and YAG lasers in the past 20 years and this LIGHTMED laser is my favorite.”

Nir Shoham-Hazon, MD | Miramichi EyeNB Centre of Excellence, Miramichi, New Brunswick, Canada
”The advantage to having the LIGHTLas 532 with SP-Mode® combined with the SLT Deux-V is that you can do so much more with it. The optics are so superior on the LIGHTMED machine. With the gonio lens everything is clear especially when finding the trabecular meshwork. Essentially you have one machine that fits all offices, offering three different approaches to glaucoma: SLT, SPLT, YAG PI, and you can also treat the retina with SP-Mode® laser.”

aaron-shapiro.jpgAaron Shapiro, MD | Dr. Aaron Shapiro Facial Surgery Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
“I use it [DermaLight] every day for telangiectasia, rosacea, and for angiomas. We also use it routinely whenever there’s any kind of neovascularization or erythema around an incision site requiring scar revision. I use DermaLight post-surgery to treat redness around incision sites as the wound is healing. While healing, I check to see if there are any vessels around the incision site. If so, I simply treat with my DermaLight, blending the incision markings into the surrounding tissue. I am unable to do this with Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) or with Pulsed Dye Lasers (PDL).”

toby-tyson.jpgToby Tyson, MD | Tyson Eye, Cape Coral, Florida
“LIGHTMED provided a YAG/SLT laser for me to evaluate. It did not take me long to realize that I wanted to purchase the system and make it an integral part of my practice. The optics are terrific, the laser energy is precise and everything about the console feels like a quality product. The service is impressive as well there is no other laser company that will provide a repair/exchange in 2 business days guaranteed! If you are in the market for an ophthalmic, office-based laser, do yourself a favor and get LIGHTMED to show you their offering you will be happy you did.”   

brian-francis2.jpgBrian A. Francis, MD | Doheny Eye Institute, Los Angeles, California
“Our clinics have used LIGHTMED lasers for a couple years now and we are very pleased. They perform at least as well; if not better than, what we used before and the service is outstanding(second to none). We were pleasantly surprised to find that the lasers are a better value financially and the warranty with service costs are more practice friendly as well. I like the ergonomics. The laser is easy to use and intuitive.” 

lawrence-woodard.jpgLawrence Woodard, MD | Omni Eye Services, Atlanta, Georgia
“We have a large practice in Atlanta that encompasses all Ophthalmic sub-specialties. I must say that all of our doctors are very pleased with the laser. It is quite convenient to have one console that meets the needs of all of our anterior and posterior doctors. Not only is the laser great, but the service LIGHTMED provides is impressive. It’s nice knowing that the local service center is close to our practice. The repair guarantee in 2-business days is amazing in an industry that typically disappoints us. I believe this company has a great product and the extended warranty and service will make them a powerful player in this market very soon.”

dan-tran.jpgDan Tran, MD | Coastal Vision, Long Beach, California
“The LIGHTMED YAG/SLT platform offers a combination of convenience, ease of use, and accuracy for surgeons.  I have had the laser for a couple of months. The laser is well designed with attentions to the ergonomic details from the table, slit lamp and laser platform. Both SLT and YAG can be performed in any slit lamp positions with ease. The aiming focus beam is clean and easy to see. The photodisruption requires minimal energy to achieve the objectives. I have used several SLT and YAG lasers in the past 20 years. We have a few other competitor platforms in our other locations, and this LIGHTMED laser is the most desirable one to use.  The supports and follow up from the company have been great. I strongly recommend this combination platform for the practice.”

drysdale.jpgDaniel B. Drysdale, MD | Drysdale Eye Center, Blacksburg, Virginia
“I installed a new LIGHTMED SLT laser last month to replace my aging ALT. Based on my experience with the first six cases, this will be a winner for my patients and
practice. I was impressed with its ease of use and uncomplicated safety features. As with any slit lamp laser system, use of a proper elbow rest for a relaxed and comfortable treatment position is essential. 
Because I do YAG capsulotomies at the surgery center, I elected to get only the SLT module, so the cost was even more attractive. But for those who need the YAG, the dual system is available with the same control panel and nice ergonomics. At 56, despite my horizontally challenged wingspan, I've found the controls and hand positions accessible and comfortable. The halogen slit lamp delivery system is superb and the view of the angle with the recommended Latina lens is impressive. I anticipate equally impressive results.”

philip-loria.jpgPhilip Loria, MD | Oxford Dermatology, Oxford, Mississippi
"DermaLight is our choice for an affordable and effective laser to treat vascular and pigmented lesions. Literally no warm up time and quick, safe treatments mean much less time. I have a very large dermatology practice, but if my patients have telangiectasia vessels on the nose or rosacea, as a dermatologist, I feel I should be able to do something about that without sending them to a cosmetic practice. For a very reasonable price, DermaLight allows me to treat cosmetic concerns quickly, easily, safely, and inexpensively, making it the perfect laser for my practice. We enjoy an excellent ROI with our DermaLight Laser.” 

Sharon Theodore, MD | San Luis Obispo Eye Associates, San Luis Obispo, California
“A great ultrasound is an invaluable addition to every office and the modular LIGHTSonic Ultrasound with B-Scan/UBM is outstanding. I love the high-resolution images and the ease of obtaining accurate images in every clinical scenario, from ruling out retinal detachment in my patients with vitreous hemorrhages to imaging my patients with melanoma. The 20 MHz B-Scan probe shows the choroidal tumors in great detail and allows for extended analysis with the movie capture mode and precise measurements. The UBM probe provides exceptional detail of ciliary melanoma including the extent of its anterior segment invasion. The LIGHTMED ultrasound has everything available in one portable and upgradable platform. It includes an intuitive software program, allowing me to feel confident I am getting information that I can trust.”

Tarek Alasil, MD | Long Beach, California
“I have been really happy with the LIGHTMED TruScan Laser, and I have been utilizing the Yellow 577nm wavelength to treat my patients with macular edema. The yellow wavelength has proven to be both safe and effective with excellent patient outcomes. After a single laser treatment session, patients have shown significant decrease in central macular thickness with vision improvement. The TruScan Laser has the widest range of wavelength choices to combat different retinal diseases, and the laser’s SP-Mode® Microsecond Laser Technology has played a prominent role in selected diabetic macular edema cases. My patients and I have both been very pleased with the results.”

dr-ortiz.jpgMarco A. Ramirez-Ortiz MD, MPH | Hospital Infantil de Mexico, Mexico City, Mexico
“On behalf of Hospital Infantil de Mexico, many thanks for your support LIGHTMED! I like the LIGHTMED LIGHTLas 810 Laser with Laser Indirect Ophthalmoscope because the laser is very durable and dependable, delivering great results for my patients for Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP). The spot size is adjustable to deliver the laser, so we can accommodate our patients and treat certain areas better. These features are very important for our busy ophthalmic hospital because we treat an average of 500 patients per week. 

In terms of laser settings, I like to typically start my treatments at a duration of 0.3s, an interval of 0.3s, and a power of 100mW. Depending on the patient, you may need to titrate the power. Being able to adjust the spot size is my favorite feature of the LIGHTMED product because you do not need the same spot size everywhere. For example, in the far periphery, it's better to have a wide diameter (500 microns). This spot size is very convenient if you need to finish faster. When you are at the equator (central area), it’s better to use 300-400 microns. This is significant, especially in ROP, when the timing and length of the procedure is very important to manage. 

There are more than thirty five (35) LIGHTMED LIGHTLas 810 Lasers with the Laser Indirect Ophthalmoscope that are running as the gold standard of treatment for our National ROP Program in Mexico.”
dr-ortega.jpgDr. José Francisco Ortega Santana | Hospital Nuestra Señora de la Luz, Mexico City, Mexico
“LIGHTMED is a great company and they offer great service. Also the products are relatively low cost. They have very responsive and reliable distributors. In this ophthalmology teaching hospital, we see on average 400 patients per week. The patients are very satisfied and refer us to their family and friends for the Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty (SLT) treatment with LIGHTLas SLT and Sub-Threshold Pulse Laser Trabeculoplasty (SPLT) treatment with TruScan 577 and SP-Mode® Microsecond Laser Technology.”

stewart-galloway.jpgStewart Galloway, MD | Cumberland Eye Care, Crossville, Tennessee
“LIGHTMED allowed me to use their laser which offers YAG, SLT and vitreolysis. I was immediately impressed with the quality of the product, especially that all of the technology is built into a compact, single-station platform. The laser functioned perfectly in every situation. My vitreolysis treatments were successful; and in fact, one patient had scheduled a vitrectomy because of his floaters, but after treatment, is perfectly happy and cancelled the vitrectomy. I recommend this laser for the full platform of office laser procedures.”

dr-jayson-edwards.jpgJayson Edwards, MD | Zion Eye Institute, St. George, Utah
“The LIGHTMED LIGHTLas YAG/SLT Deux-V is an exceptional system. It has excellent optics, which allows me to get a great assessment of my patients. The vitreolysis technology has great targeting ability with the wide-angle viewing illumination. Service wise, LIGHTMED has a guaranteed 72-hour solution. There is always someone available to make sure that we have a system up and running in our practice. Overall, I am very happy with LIGHTMED.” 

dr-jason-ahee.jpgJason Ahee, MD | Zion Eye Institute, St. George, Utah
“We’ve been using the LIGHTMED YAG/SLT Deux for a couple of years. It was the best laser that we found for YAG and SLT treatments. The laser is very easy to use, compact, and the optics are excellent. We’ve had great experience with it. When I wanted to add vitreolysis to my practice, LIGHTMED was able to convert my current laser with a simple upgrade, so adding the treatment of floaters had no barrier to entry from a cost standpoint. Right away, we were able to start using vitreolysis for our patients. Patients really like it, and the technology works really well.”

dr-marcos-reyes.jpgMarcos Reyes, MD | Zion Eye Institute, St. George, Utah
“I use the LIGHTLas YAG/SLT Deux-V vitreolysis technology for treating floaters in our practice. The optics of the LIGHTMED laser gives a clear focus on the Weiss Ring floaters in the vitreous and has made treatments much easier for my patients and myself. We are pleasantly happy with the results.”

daniel-kline.jpgDaniel C. Kline, MD | OC Eye Associates, Irvine, California
“Incredible how slick the new laser is. Capsulotomies are so smooth, precise, and effective at lower energy levels than we were able to use before and the peripheral iridotomies are like a hot knife through butter, even on very dark thick brown irises. SLTs are a breeze. On the customer service side, John Owens was a pleasure to work with. Very professional and super responsive. A few months in, I had some questions about the anterior/posterior offset and John responded immediately, a LIGHTMED service tech was on site the next day to demonstrate the settings. Very easy transaction and great support after the purchase. Highly recommend!”

daniel-ahn.jpgDaniel Ahn, DO | Horizon Family Medical Group  Ophthalmology, Cornwall, New York
“The LIGHTLas YAG/SLT Deux has an intuitive and ergonomic design. The controls and displays are all conveniently located to facilitate the flow of my multiple YAG and SLT cases throughout the day. It has great safety features like the auto-calibration function, which gives me confidence when I sit down and use the laser to treat my patients. The wide angle viewing technology gives me a clear view of what I am treating. This product has enhanced my practice with great clinical results for all of my patients. The warranty has given me confidence in the brand and we are very impressed with the wonderful support and customer service from the LIGHTMED team.”


sandu.jpgHarpal S. Sandhu, MD, FRCSC | University of Louisville, Kentucky
“The TruScan laser provides the best optics I have used for a focal laser. The various patterns available speed up PRPs immensely and are very comfortable for patients. Visualization of the periphery is also excellent, particularly good in difficult situations like treating through vitreous hemorrhage, for which older lasers are notoriously poor. The touch screen display is also extremely user-friendly and intuitive. Overall, it is a great machine.” 

ameen2.jpgAmeen Marashi, MD | Marashi Eye Clinic, Aleppo, Syria
“The LIGHTLas 532 green laser photocoagulator is a safe and user-friendly device for treating various retinal diseases. It includes an intuitive touch panel that allows practitioners to easily save multiple settings for different treatment protocols. The laser itself is excellent and high-quality, but the best feature is LIGHTMED’s SP-Mode® Microsecond Laser Technology that provides sub-threshold microsecond pulse treatment. SP-Mode® is tissue-friendly and empowers physicians to safely treat their patients without causing burns to retinal tissue. It reduces the frequency of anti-VEGF injections which has improved my patients’ quality of life. This single laser function truly presents a shift in treatment paradigm allowing for new photo stimulation capabilities.”