Board of Directors

gary.jpgGary Lee - Chief Executive Officer & Executive Chairman of the Board
Gary was reappointed CEO on January 1, 2019 after focusing the previous 18 months on LIGHTMED's venture capital strategy. As CEO and Executive Chairman of the Board, Gary will lead and shape LIGHTMED’s strategic direction and vision. Gary has an extensive background, interest and expertise in medical laser technology. He founded LIGHTMED in 1997 and served as CEO for 20 years. During that time, he grew the company to 200+ employees globally with offices in Taiwan, Japan and the United States. Prior to establishing LIGHTMED, Gary served as an Engineer and Far-East Representative in the R&D Department of HGM Medical Laser System, Inc., the second largest eye laser manufacturing company in the world. Gary holds a B.S. Degree in Mechanical Engineering from National Cheng Kung University and a double M.S. Degree in Mechanical & Electrical Engineering from North Carolina State University.

david.jpgDavid Lee - Board Member
David joined LIGHTMED as a Consultant in 2004 and within a year, he was appointed as one of the Board of Directors. Prior to his appointment at LIGHTMED, David served as an Assistant Manager for more than 25 years in the banking industry at Chang Hwa Bank. David holds an Associate Degree in Cooperation Accounting from International Commercial College.

george.jpgGeorge Lee - Board Member
George was appointed one of the Board of Directors of LIGHTMED in March 1999. Prior to his appointment, he served for 15 years as a Production Manager in the electronics industry at Ho-Yi Corporation. While serving as a LIGHTMED Board Member, George simultaneously led the BEIJING LIGHTMED TRADE CO., LTD. as President from 2002-2017. George holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Electronics from Huazhou Gongjia College.

manager.jpgChing-Ho Chen - Board Member
Ching-Ho joined LIGHTMED as a Board Member in 2005. At the same time, Ching-Ho leads Longmen Construction Corporation as the CEO. Prior to his appointment at LIGHTMED, Ching-Ho owned Cheng-Yeh Corporation, a trading company, for 15 years. Ching holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture from Tamkang University.