LIGHTLas 532/670 w/ Slitlamp + Dual column Table + LCD Remote Control

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TruScan 532 / 670 True Solid State 2.0W Green with 0.7W Red Laser


  • Conventional CW and Sub-Threshold SP-Mode Deliver Mode (adjustable platform) 
  • Ultra-Fast Galvo Slitlamp Scanning System 
  • Parfocal Continuously Variable Zoom Spot Control (50 - 1000 µm) 
  • Power-Control Wireless Foot Pedal 
  • 11.6" Touch Screen LCD Interface 
  • Dual Column Wheel Chair, Accessible Table 
  • Height Adjustable Arm Rest 
  • Detachable Laser Console for OR 
  • OR Remote Control Panel 
  • Safety Glasses 
  • Integrated Safety filter (Field upgradeable to additional wavelength, 577 or 810nm)
  • Dimensions (cm):

    ML: 83(D)*58(W)*33(H),24 kgs 
    PS: 77(D)*61(W)*56(H),29 kgs
    TB: 133(D)*62(W)*44(H),57 kgs

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