Corneal Cross-Linking

cxl-2.pngCorneal Cross-Linking, also known as the CXL procedure, is increasingly renowned as the most innovative and revolutionary para-surgical procedure of recent times. CXL is designated for the treatment of progressive keratoconus and related corneal ectatic disorders, as well as for managing pre- or post-LASIK surgery complications.
CXL is a safe and minimally invasive procedure which involves applying liquid riboflavin (vitamin B2) to the cornea, followed by irradiation treatment using a precise ultraviolet light source. The light and riboflavin combination are known to increase the biomechanical stability of the cornea up to 300%, preventing further progression of the keratoconus disease.
LIGHTMED’s LIGHTLink CXL is one of the newest and arguably most advanced cross-linking systems in the market. It is the only system that is designed with laser-like mechanisms and functionality resulting in unmatched safety, clinical effectiveness and ease of use.
LIGHTLink CXL features exclusive built-in protocols which allow for procedures to be carried out through a guided, semi-automated process. This plug and treat” turnkey system with full customizable functionality reduces potential operator error and is effective for current and next-gen cross-linking treatments.
LIGHTLink CXL is only available for commercial sale and distribution in select locations worldwide.