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The LIGHTSonic Pro Phacoemulsification system is a complete anterior segment surgical system. Lightweight and portable, it offers high-end performance and features in a small console. It operates with time-saving simplicity and it is extremely easy to operate. The all features of the system can be operated using factory presets or user-defined parameters. All operational functions, modes, and program options can be independently set by utilizing the intuitive menus on the touch screen.phaco 10 copy

Fluid delivery Gravity fed
Handpiece type Ultra-light four crystal hand-piece
Operating frequency 40 KHz
Irrigation gravity fed
Default vacuum level User programable
Available vacuum level From 0 to 500 mmHg
Default flow rate User programmable
Surgeon mode (linear power) Allows linear control of the U/S power by depressing the foot pedal
Multi modulation Allows for rapid transition for aspiration and Phaco settings
U/S burst mode Allows for surgeon control of pulse width in Phaco power
Prime/Tune mode Automatically primes system and tunes the ultrasonic hand-piece
Cutting mode Guillotine action
Actuation device Internal air compressor
Operating pressure 20 psi
Operating frequency 315 KHz
Nominal power 17 Watts (75 Ohm load)
Default coag power User programable
Available coag power 0 to 100%
Dimensions 16.5cm x 36.8cm x 34.6cmm / 9.55kg (21lbs)

Features and Benefits

Small Lightweight Console

The LIGHTLas Pro features a featherweight, compact body that weighs  twenty-one pounds. This allows our clients to transport their systems between locations with great ease.


12.1″ Foldable LCD Touchscreen

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The LIGHTSonic Pro includes a backlit 12.1″ foldable touchscreen LCD. This intelligent design permits abundant storage capabilities and assures flawless visibility in any lighting environment.



User Friendly Controls

An accurate, intuitive interface is built into every LIGHTSonic Pro. This control panel features a PC system with user-friendly menus and treatment settings, making the LIGHTSonic Pro one of the most ergonomic Phacoemulsification systems available


Automated I/V Pole Interfacephaco 1 copy

Gravity fed irrigation flow controllable through simple touch controls. No need to manually adjust reservoir height.


Multi-mode Phaco

To allow for flexible surgical approaches, pulse parameters can be adjusted using several available phacoemulsification modes:

  • Normal Phaco
  • Single & Muti Burst
  • Micro Phaco

USB Upgradeable

LIGHTSonic Pro software can be updated with the latest software quickly and conveniently.


Ultra Light 4 Crystal U/S Hand-piecephaco 3 copy

The hand piece used in the LIGHTSonic Pro is made out of titanium, making it lightweight,
incredibly resistant to corrosion, and virtually indestructible


Easy Loading Non-invasive Tubing Cartridge

All tubing (pump, vacuum, irrigation) contained within removable cartridge. Disposable and reusable varieties available.


Programable Multi-function Foot Pedal

pedal 1 copyIncluded foot pedal allows for hands free actuation via either linear control or its 3 programmable positions.



Choice of Reusable or Disposable Tubing

All tubing (pump, vacuum, irrigation) contained within removable cartridge.  Disposable and reusable varieties available.


Carrying Case

A lightweight carrying case is included with every one of our LIGHTSonic Pro systems. This sturdy, durable case allows our clients to transport their systems with great ease and with no fear of damage should an accident occur.

Accessories and Delivery Systems
Automated IV Pole Cart
Automated IV Pole Cart
Multi-function Foot Pedal
Multi-function Foot Pedal
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